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About Us

Al-Huda Islamic Centre is Working Under the Al-Huda Technologies 

Alhuda Islamic Centre is an online educational setup to pursue the teachings of the Holy Quran.

During the 2012 I visited Los Angeles, California and met with my childhood friend Danish. Danish and his family have been living in the United States for the last 20 years. I noticed that their home is too far from the mosque and they were not able to send their kids to the mosque. So their children were unable to learn the quran and other basic islamic teaching. This was such an anxious situation for me.
I spent a whole month thinking there would be many families like Danish whose children are growing up without the teaching of holy Quran. And from that day, I made a promise with myself that I’ll surely do something for these families.
In the beginning of 2013 I finally started the Al Huda Islamic Centre Online with the aim of helping the brothers and sisters who are not able to send their children to the mosque.
Al Huda Islamic Centre Online is now helping hundreds of students learn and read the Quran with correct tajweed rules, 17 students have completed the Hifz last year. Our aim is to deliver quality Quranic education to the people at their homes. They don’t need to travel and go anywhere to learn the Quran and islamic education.
IslamicCentreOnline is an educational setup started by having program to pursue the teachings of the Holy Quran using the most recent electronic technological know-how. Our principal concentration is to spread the correct teachings of Holy Quran with the very best Online Quran Tutors.
IslamicCentreOnline was purely built with an initiative to inspire the superlative classroom knowledge by means of counteractive educational online classes. All programs and syllabus are professionally developed by Quran specialists, scholars and experts. We want to meet the increasing needs of rightful Quran Studying approach.
We are completely functioned with coursework strategy, incorporating with Quran Memorization procedure and classroom preparation. We offer the optimized browser computer software, streaming video clips, audio Quran lectures and much more.
IslamicCentreOnline gives you the skilled tutors for program courses
like Recitation, Tajweed, Hifz and Arabic.

Faheem Akhtar


Contact : +92 306 5196744

House no 43 main Shafiq road B Block,

Newcity Phase 2 wahcantt Rawalpindi.

Our Vision

Our aim is to provide quality quaran education online at a very affordable hadiya. Having a qalified team of male and female teachers we are on a mission to enable every muslim child to learn and practice the Quran in a right way.

Why Us?

  • One on One live interactive session
  • Skilled tutors are chosen from all around the world
  • Huge Quran mastering opportunity for kids and parents
  • Whole family members get a chance to learn Quran online
  • Easy and accessible online Quran learning
  • Learn Quran at your own home without the trouble of traveling
  •  Prospect to reschedule your timings of online Quran courses easily
  •  We provide expert services 24/7
  • Discover and learn Quran from anywhere you wish
  • Availability of trained and professional tutors.

Tarjuma Classes

Alhuda Islamic CentreOnline is renowned for starting translation(Tarjuma). We’ve hired the most effective tutors. Below is the method we follow for teaching you the Quran translation:
  • Teaching Arabic words, and phrases at the start
  •  Word-by-word translation of the Ayats
  • Rationalization of the QuranicVerses
  • The literal translation of verses
  • Total Quran Tarjuma, Why & When revealed

We Believe in Quality and Student Satisfaction

We are using safe payments methods

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