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    Noorani Qaida Online

    This course Noorani Qaida for kids is designed special for those students who have the first setup into learning Quran. In this course student can learn Noorani Qaida with basic rules of Reading Quran

    Online Quran Reading

    Basically “Quran Reading” is very important for our life. Allah (God) has gifted the Holy Quran to us by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Muslims regard the Holy Quran as the most important miracle

    Learn Quran with Tajweed

    Online Quran Reading Course is design for kids, adults and all the Muslims around the world who are not able to Read Quran Online with rules of Tajweed. “Quran Reading” Course is a term expressing

    Quran Memorization

    Quran Memorization at home is easy now. Alhamdulillah we all are Muslims and Allah created us in the Muslim’s home. He sent the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to us for telling the way which goes to the jannah.

    Quran Translation

    islamiccentreonline is the best institute for teaching Islamic study for all person of age.
    If you want to learn Quran with translation and tafseer so then take first 3 classes from us free of cost.

    Basic Islamic Knowledge

    The student will start his/her lesson from very basics of Arabic alphabet’s after that he will go to the next lesson’s as well. His/her qualified Quran teacher will teach also Islamic teaching like basic of Islam, Namaz, Kalima’s, etc

    Who We Are?

    Alhuda Islamic centre is a platform that allows you and your kids to learn the Holy Quran online.
    Learn from Quran experts online. They are highly qualified, experienced, and passionate about helping students understand the Holy Quran.
    Al Huda Islamic Centre Online is now helping hundreds of students learn and read the Quran with correct tajweed rules, 17 students have completed the Hifz last year. Our aim is to deliver quality Quranic education to the people at their homes. They don’t need to travel and go anywhere to learn the Quran and islamic education.

    Steps To Learn Quran From Us

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    After reviewing your request, we will contact you via email or WhatsApp and send you zoom details so you can attend the class.

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    Choose a Monthly Plan and get enrolled with the best Quran tutors after the Free Trials. Get a Free Quran lesson today.

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    • Since I had a very good experience with the teachers, I would highly recommend it to students who can only take classes remotely🥰🥰


      "I am thankful for the opportunity to teach my son Quran. InshaAllah, he is improving daily."


    • "The teachers & teaching system of Islamiccentreonline are excellent. I recommend it for all Muslims.🥰🥰"


      I recommend Alhuda Islamic Centre Online to all Muslims because of its excellent teachers and teaching system.


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    30 Minutes/Live Session
    8 Classes/Month
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    Per Month
    30 Minutes/Live Session
    12 Classes/Month
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    Per Month
    30 Minutes/Live Session
    22 Classes/Month
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    Per Month
    60 Minutes/Live Session
    22 Classes/Month
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